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Going Green the Natural Way

  • Healthier, nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables
  • Less expensive and easier than lime
  • Step-by-step instructions for all products

Did you know that many fruits and vegetables are grown with the use of harmful pesticides? Traces of these pesticides remain in the very vegetables we eat to keep us healthy and can actually do us harm over periods of time. There is an all natural solution to this. By balancing the soil through the proper application of specific minerals, your crops will grow larger amounts of healthy, nutrient dense fruit and vegetables.  Many of our customers tell us that after several years of using our products they rarely if ever use insecticides or fungicides.

Natural Way Plant Foods and our partners at Insta-Gro have compiled several programs you can follow with the various products we have to offer to grow healthier fruits vegetables in more abundance without the need for harmful pesticides!

Garden in a Bucket is the easiest way to start growing a healthier and more bountiful garden (1000 – 2000 sq/ft garden). It comes with everything you will need from seed to feed!

Click here for more information about Natural Way Plant Food’s Garden in a Bucket, and a full list of our other products.

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